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WUNU students study in the Netherlands

 For the seventh year in a row, the Department of International Economic Relations of B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Relations coordinates the ERASMUS+ KA107 academic mobility project between West Ukrainian National University and the INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences (city of Alkmaar, Kingdom of the Netherlands).

Competition results

 Results of the competitive selection for the participation of students in the European Youth Forum EYFON Peace Seminar Ukraine - Europe in Neumarkt (Austria) from July 3 to July 9, 2022.

Competition for semester studies at INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences

 Under the Erasmus+ programme, competitive selection of students to study at the INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences (Kingdom of the Netherlands) in the first semester of 2022-2023 academic year will be held online on April 28 at 12:50 am. Zoom IDs will be sent to each applicant individually.

Semester study at the University of Applied Sciences INHOLLAND

 We invite students of economic specialties who study in programs focused on international economic activity, to participate in the competitive selection for semester studies in the first semester of 2022-23 academic year at the University of Applied Sciences INHOLLAND (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

WUNU student in University of Lodz

 Victoria Kolyuda, a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the West Ukrainian National University, is studying for a semester at the University of Łódź (Poland).

According to the student, the university teachers are trying to support Ukrainian students in this difficult time for Ukraine. Training is very meaningful and also conducted in English and Polish.
Our candidate is delighted that thanks to the international cooperation of the Classical University of Ternopil she was able to study at a foreign university.
Abroad, Ukrainian students are coming together and calling on the European community to help Ukraine overcome the enemy.
We are intelligent, we are strong!

International student mobility

 Tamara Melishkevych, a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Classical University of Ternopil, shares her impressions of studying at a Polish university.
"Thanks to the faculty and my West Ukrainian National University, I had the opportunity to go to the city of Lodz (Poland) for a semester. I have been here for 3 weeks, so I managed to learn the city and visit the first lessons. I study at the Faculty of Philology, majoring in Journalism, where I have a greater inclination to record speech and a little sociology.
All lessons are in English. The classrooms and the university are very modern and beautiful, each lesson is an experience and practice. I have already managed to record several radio reports, analyzed an incredible amount of news and, of course, gain a lot of new knowledge, although this is just the beginning. I hope that after the return of interest from my studies it will be possible to apply in my native Ternopil. "

Annual Fulbright Scholarship

 The Kyiv office of the Institute of International Education / Fulbright Program in Ukraine announces that submission of applications for Fulbright scholarships for training, internships and research for the 2023-2024 academic year is now open.

WUNU student in the USA

 A student of West Ukrainian National University, Andrii Slota, is currently in San Francisco, California obtaining education at the San Francisco State University thanks to his status as a finalist of the Global UGRAD Program.

International Office Informs

 The Master Thesis Training is an opportunity for master students to get supervision from a senior from another BUP Participating University. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity to get feedback from other students in the region, build connections with other students, and become better acquainted with other academic perspectives in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. This training offers an interdisciplinary learning experience, with sustainability as a shared concept.


Information session "Capacity Building in Higher Education - Erasmus+"

 We invite everyone to join the Erasmus+ information session "Capacity Building in Higher Education - Erasmus+", which will be held on December 2 at 9:30 - 12:30 (Brussels time) online. During the meeting you will learn about the opportunities of this project and conditions of the next call.