Кhmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre

Anastasiia Punda

Director of Khmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre
Candidate of Sciences in Public Management
Contact information:
Теl.: (0382) 76 49 06
Address: 92 Volodymyrska st., 29000, Кhmelnytskyi

Khmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre

   Khmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre of WUNU is a structural subdivision of West Ukrainian National University, which provides organizational and methodological support for the extramural, distance and part-time training of specialists, pre-university, postgraduate training and training of junior specialists.

  The Centre was created to meet the needs of the regional labor market in specialists and bring the location of study to the students' place of residence in accordance with paragraph 9 of Article 33 of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education".

  Activities of Khmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre:

- Organizational and individual work with students of the branch, aimed at their active participation in the educational process, development of professionalism, ethics; creating a demanding and firendly atmosphere of mutual respect in relations between employees, teachers and students of the branch;
  - Replenishment of human resources of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership;
  - Conducting scientific research;
  - Ensuring the creative activity of participants in the educational process.

 Main objectives of Khmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre:

- providing educational services in accordance with the standards of educational activities and standards of higher education;
  - training specialists for a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree;
  - nurturing socially mature, creative personalities, education of morally, mentally and physically healthy generation of citizens;
  - ensuring the acquisition of knowledge by students in a particular field, preparing them for professional activities;
  - educational activities.


  Khmelnytskyi Education and Research Centre provides training in the following specialties:
  - Finance, Banking and Insurance (specializing in "Customs Administration");
  - Law Enforcement (specializing in "Economic Security and Financial Investigations");
  - Jurisprudence;
  - Professional Education;
  - Management (under the educational programme "Management in Healthcare Facilities";
  - Public Management and Administration


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Our contact information:

Address: 92 Volodymyrska st., 29000, Кhmelnytskyi
Phone: +38(0382)764906