Аddress: 89 Verkhovynska st., Svaliava, Zakarpattia Region
Теl.: (03133) 2-10-37

Svaliava Branch

Svaliava BranchSvaliava branch of Ternopil National Economic University was established on December 9, 2002. Specialists are trained in "Finance" and "Accounting and Audit"  for work in financial, tax authorities, control and audit departments, branches of the state treasury, customs service, labor and social security departments, insurance companies and other economic entities.

By the decision of the Svalyava District Council on October 17, 2002, the center was transferred the rights to the permanent use of the gymnasium dormitory with a total area of 2940 sq. m. Post-reconstruction, the building is equipped with 9 auditoriums with 720 seats, 2 computer classes, an assembly hall, a library, a dormitory with 70 beds, and a cafe with 50 seats.

Since 2003, two thousand Bachelors and over a thousand Specialists have been trained..

Contact Information:
Аddress: 89 Verkhovynska st., Svaliava, Zakarpattia Region.
Теl.: (03133) 2-10-37 – director, 2-22-52 - Methodology department
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