About University

 West Ukrainian National University (WUNU) is a classic university in Ternopil, an elite and modern higher education institution where academic spirit, science, thought and freedom reign supreme - the alpha and omega of personality formation. The university is developing rapidly, because the art of living is to live with perspective.

 The competitive spirit that prevails in the university allows the graduates to become leaders and highly skilled proffessionals in their fields.

 Ternopil is a student city. It infallibly enchants anyone who sets foot on its ancient lands, with their quiet streets and open-minded people. West Ukrainian National University is among the best economic institutions of higher education in Ukraine. This is where intellectual product is created through a journey from mere concepts to progressive ideas brought to life.



  The University was established in 1966, with the opening of Ternopil Branch of Financial and Economic Faculty of Kyiv Institute of National Economy. In 1967, the Branch was transformed into a separate Faculty and in 1971 – into Ternopil Financial and Economic Institute. Later it was renamed into Ternopil Institute of National Economy (1989) and then Ternopil Academy of National Economy (1994). On March 30, 2005, the educational institution became a University, and on September 29, 2006 it was conferred the “National” status by a President’s edict. By the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ternopil National Economic University was renamed into West Ukrainian National University and received the status of a “classical” higher education institution on August 25, 2020.

  Each generation of students and scholars continues the glorious traditions of national education, adding to the achievements of WUNU at the international level.


University in Rankings

  In 2020, West Ukrainian National University was ranked 13th among two hundred Ukrainian universities in the "Top 200 Ukraine" rating of higher education institutions and 33rd out of 241 in the consolidated ranking of Ukraine.

  WUNU is in the top five among Ukrainian higher education institutions according to Webometrics, whose assessment of quality of scientific activity is based on the analysis of citations by scientists of world universities on Google Scholar. In the Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities (Edition 2020.2.0), the university is ranked 6th among 317 Ukrainian higher education institutions, and 7th in the uniRank international ranking. WUNU is also seventh in Ukraine in the number of researchers with profiles in Web of Science.


The educational, educational-professional, educational-scientific and scientific training programs of the university's faculties and institutes are aimed at obtaining the higher education degrees of "Professional Junior Bachelor" (14 specialties), "Junior Bachelor" (2 specialties), "Bachelor" (44 specialties), "Master" (33 specialties), PhD (23 specialties), "Doctor of Science" (14 specialties).


West Ukrainian National University is a well-coordinated team that combines the experience and wisdom of scientists with the swiftness and enthusiasm of young men and women. It is a great trust and even greater responsibility, it is controversy and discussion, long scientific research and success.

Our academic staff consists of 640 members of teaching and research, including 45 contractors who are highly qualified practitioners in their fields. Numerous state and industry awards confirm the exemplary professionalism of University scholars. The classical university of Ternopil employs: 15 Honored Scholars of Education of Ukraine, 7 Honored Scholars of Science and Technology of Ukraine, 3 Merited Inventors of Ukraine, 4 Honored Economists of Ukraine, 1 Merited Builder of Ukraine, 1 Merited Industry Worker of Ukraine, 1 Merited Coach of Ukraine, 3 Honored Lawyers of Ukraine, 1 Honored Doctor of Ukraine, 3 Honored Workers of Ukraine Culture, 1 Honored Artist of Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, 1 Honored Artist of Ukraine, 1 Honored Journalist of Ukraine, 1 Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, 1 Honored Machine Builder of Ukraine, 3 Honored Workers of Public Education of Ukraine, 17 Excellence in Education of Ukraine Honourees.

Over 10% of academic staff are Full-time Members of the Academies of Sciences (48 people) and Corresponding Members of Academies of Sciences (17 people).

 There are 145 Doctors of Sciences and 498 Candidates of Sciences, 114 Professors and 342 Associate Professors employed at WUNU. Out of 43 Departments, 27 are Headed by Doctors of Sciences, while 16 are Headed by Candidates of Sciences.


List of Structural Subdivisions

  The educational process at the university is provided by 12 Education and Research Institutes, 5 Faculties, 2 Branches, 4 Colleges and 43 Departments. Currently, over 17 000 people study at the university.


Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Computer Information Technologies

Faculty of Finance and Accounting

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  Education and Research Institutes

Education and Research Instittute of Innovation, Environmental Management and Infrastructure

B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Relations

Education and Research Institute of Communication

Education and Research Institute of Creative Studies

Education and Research Institute of Public Managment

Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies

Vinnytsia Education and Research Institute of Economics

Yerevan Education and Research Institute

Ivano-Frankivsk Education and Research Institute of Management

Novovolynsk Education and Research Institute of Economics and Management

Khmelnytsk Education and Research Institute

Chortkiv Education and Research Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business

Transcarpathian Educational and Research Institute



Lutsk Branch of West Ukrainian National University

Sambir Branch of West Ukrainian National University

 Education and Research Centres

Kamianets-Podilskyi Education and Research Centre


Vinnytsia College of Economics and Entrepreneurship of WUNU

College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies of WUNU

Chortkiv College of Economics and Entrepreneurship of WUNU



Current Facilities and Services


  West Ukrainian National University currently provides young people with quality educational services, comfortable dormitories, sports facilities, martial arts gyms, an ''Economist'' sports complex and a new library featuring electronic resources for students to realize their full potential. West Ukrainian National University is a place where young people are taught to think critically, analyze thoroughly, to be responsible and to achieve success.

 L. Kanishchehnko Library is the crown jewel of WUNU facilities.

 L. Kanishchenko WUNU Library is a modern high-tech information system. It provides 24/7 remote access to information resources, offers a variety of online services and ensures digital support for education.

  There are 601368 copies stored within the West Ukrainian National Library, which includes over 100 thousand digital publications. Various resources available through the library include 255,711 copies of scientific literature, 239,993 copies of educational literature, and 23593 copies of fiction. All literature is indexed, barcoded and assigned an ex-libris of the Library.

  The principle of general availability of information and its prompt provision in a convenient form remains key in helping users of the current year.

WUNU library provides users with comfortable accommodations necessary for studying and creative scientific research. In order to maintain the high quality of services and facilities, the library constantly develops and diversifies its informational services.  Among these services, free and open access to full-text electronic resources is of top-priority. More specifically, the library within West Ukrainian National University provides free access to full sets of learning materials 1290 subjects featured in the curriculum. Additionally, the library website provides free access via the university network to a full-text database, featuring publishing houses Lira-K, TSNL and Condor. The most systematic electronic resource of academic content is the WUNU institutional repository (eTNEUIR), which consists of the following sections: Theses and abstracts, course works and Master's research papers, monographs, WUNU scientific publications, materials of scientific of practical conferences, scientific papers of WUNU scholars, WUNU library publications, and patents.

As of September 1, 2023, the total number of storage units in the WUNU Library repository was more than 46 thousand full-text documents of various categories of academic texts.


Centre for Reserve Officers Training

 On the basis of West Ukrainian National University, operates the Centre for Reserve Officers Training, which carries out military training under the program of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy. Young men and women achieve the rank of «junior lieutenant» in reserve, while they study at the university.

International Activity

  West Ukrainian National University develops partnerships by signing bilateral agreements with foreign universities. The international cooperation of the Classical University of Ternopil includes 132 agreements with partner universities from more than 30 foreign countries, including higher education institutions from European countries, as well as partners from the USA, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Morocco and Ecuador. The university is a full member of such organizations, associations, and networks as the European Association of Universities; European Association for International Education; the Magna Charta of Universities; the Network of Universities for Cross-Border Cooperation; the Network of Eastern European Universities; the Baltic University Program; and the Norwegian-Ukrainian University Alliance.
 One of the largest international projects at the university is the Norway-Ukraine project on professional and social adaptation of military personnel and their families. This international initiative provides professional retraining for students majoring in entrepreneurship, as well as a system of measures for social and psychological adaptation, assistance in finding a job and starting a business.


Culture is a means of expressing creativity, forming individual identity, it is a guardian of historical memory that nourishes and strengthens the people, forms a civic community with an invisible force, teaches tolerance, and understanding each other through art.
 West Ukrainian National University is known in Ukraine not only for its high educational ratings, but also for its creative teams and soloists who participate and win in international and national festivals and competitions.
 The university's teams include the folk art song theater "For You" (vocal groups: "Cry Not", "Kraplynky"), the vocal group "Ethnorika", the modern choreography studio "TNG dc", the ensemble of majorettes "Lady V", the student choir "WUNU Voice", and soloists: Tetiana Koruts-Shargan, Ilona Dyadio, Volodymyr Dyachuk, Pavlo Tiutiunnyk, Dmytro Khudyk, Eleonora Atamanchuk, Viktoriia Shevchuk, Iryna Hontash glorify WUNU and Ukraine at all concert venues.
An elegant assembly hall, spacious rehearsal rooms, dance halls, a professional recording studio, a university room, an exhibition hall, stage costumes make it possible to develop and improve the creative skills of students.
 Thus, it is safe to say that WUNU in the field of culture is one of the most progressive higher educational institutions in Ukraine, which has created a wide range of opportunities for creative self-realization of students.


  Sport is one of the most important components in the education of young people.

  In 2023, more than 150 students are members of the university's national teams. Boys and girls participate and win awards at the All-Ukrainian and International Universiades.

  7 Masters of Sports of the International Class and 23 Masters of Sports of Ukraine study at the classical university of Ternopil.

  The university is proud of the sports achievements of its teams:

women's volleyball team "Halychanka-WUNU" - a member of the Super League, silver medalist of the Summer Universiade of Ukraine in volleyball in 202;

women's handball team "Ekonom-Universytet" - the winner of the Ukrainian handball championship among the teams of the major league, the Cup of Ukraine silver medallist;

the athletics team successfully competes in national and international student competitions and wins the Ukrainian championship.

men's basketball team "Ternopil-WUNU" - bronze medallist of the Ukrainian basketball championship among the teams of the major league;

women's rugby team "Univer-WUNU" takes part in the Ukrainian Rugby 7 Championship among women's teams of the Super League;

men's team "DSO-WUNU" takes part in the Volleyball Championship of Ukraine among teams of the 1st league;

Judo, Greco-Roman wrestling - university students participate and win prizes at the All-Ukrainian and International Universiades.


 The University students have the opportunity to take part in 14 sports sections, including: athletics, swimming, football, aerobics, table tennis, handball, volleyball, sambo, judo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, rugby, boxing, basketball. The sports facilities of the university include three gyms, three sports grounds, a judo and sambo hall, an aerobics hall and an athletics gym, sports stadium, water base.

To be a student is to engage in the process of self-development. Students of West Ukrainian National University are young, energetic and incredibly lucky, as they’ve taken their first steps toward professional, competitive, and successful careers.

Education and science are invaluable assets of the nation's potential that determine its successes years ahead. The nation's elite is comprised of educated people. The teaching staff of West Ukrainian National University works to ensure that our graduates can be confident of their talents and skills, that their critical economic thinking can meet the demands of tomorrow.


Coming to study at West Ukrainian National University, you increase your intellectual potential and confirm you belong in an elite high educational institution.


We want you to be successful and exceptional individuals! Join our University family!


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