Andrii Kyzyma

Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine
Contact information:
Теl.: (0352) 47-50-50*10148
Room: 11203
Address: 11 Lvivska st., 46020, Ternopil

Faculty of Finance and Accounting

      The staff of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of WUNU trains specialists in the following educational programs:

  - Finance, Banking and Insurance (Bachelor's degree);

  - Accounting and Taxation (Bachelor's degree);

  - Social Welfare (Bachelor's degree);

  - Finance, Banking and Insurance (Master's degree);

  - Accounting and Taxation (Master's degree);

  - Social Welfare (Master's degree);

  - Educational and Pedagogical Sciences (Master's degree).

  After graduating from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, graduates can hold the following positions: CEO; financier and economist; financial manager and financial director; financial analyst and consultant; specialist in stock exchange operations; specialist-organizer of trade in the securities market; broker; dealer; underwriter; actuary; insurance sales manager; insurance marketing specialist; social inspector; inspector for appointment and payment of pensions; inspector-auditor; specialist of the state employment service; specialist in state social benefits (subsidies, compensations); social security manager; manager (director, manager) of a commercial bank; chief economist (cashier, auditor) of the bank; manager of monetary and financial intermediation (financial leasing, lending; investment and lending analyst); accountant; tax inspector, auditor; customs inspector; customs broker; tax consultant; public procurement specialist; customer service manager; leading specialist in UTC; head of financial department; graduate student and lecturer in higher education institutions, specialist of research and expert-analytical institutions.

 The Faculty of Finance and Accounting actively cooperates with the following institutions and organizations: system of public administration bodies (Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, State Tax Service of Ukraine, State Customs Service of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, State Treasury Service of Ukraine, Financial Control Office of Ukraine, Accounting Chamber Ukraine, the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, the National Commission for State Regulation of Financial Services Markets); united territorial communities; national and international companies engaged in foreign economic activity; financial, insurance trust and trading companies; banks; credit unions; pawnshops; investment funds and companies; entrepreneurs (accountants, business analysts, internal auditors); independent expert organizations (audit firms, institute of economic expertise); customs brokerage firms; businesses (in industry, trade, construction, hotel and tourism business, housing and communal services, consumer services, catering, transport, information and consulting services).

 The Faculty of Finance and Accounting implements international cooperation with foreign partners: School of Economics and Management of Public Administration in Bratislava (Slovakia), Technical University of Košice (Slovakia), University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia), University of Łódz (Poland), University of Poznań (Poland); Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland); John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland); Krakow University of Economics (Poland); University of Łódz (Poland); Poznan University of Economics and Business (Poland), D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics (Svishtov, Bulgaria); University of Szczecin (Poland).


 Science and research at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting. The Faculty has all the necessary conditions for combining education with research. Scientific work is considered an integral part of the educational process. International Studio of Sustainable Finance was established at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting in 2019 in order to organize educational, research and information-analytical activities of teachers, undergraduate, graduate students and doctoral students in the field of sustainable finance in the context of current international trends. The Faculty of Finance and Accounting is the initiator of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Social, Economic, Legal and Financial Challenges in the Context of Global Transformations", which is organized in collaboration with School of Economics and Management of Public Administration in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Student research groups at the Faculty: "Financial Space" and "Financial Education" (coordinated by S.I. Yuriy Department of Finance), "Banking Analyst" (coordinated by the Department of Banking), "Fiscal Analyst" and "English speaking club "(Coordinated by the Department of Taxes and Fiscal Policy), "Student Research Center of the Department of Accounting and Taxation" (coordinated by the Department of Accounting and Taxation), "Student Scientific Society of the Department of Financial Control and Audit" (coordinated by the Department of Financial Control and Audit) and "Social Supervisor" (coordinated by the Department of Financial Management and Insurance). The Department of Financial Management and Insurance supervises the student insurance company "Security Empire". In order to improve the quality of training, the Department of Banking has created a training laboratory "Virtual Bank" using the software "ABS-B2".


 Student life at WUNU Faculty of Finance and Accounting. Student self-government is an important functioning part of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting. It works to create an enabling environment for students to fulfill their responsibilities and ensure that their rights are protected. It promotes the harmonious development of students' personalities, instills in them the skills of the future leaders. The activity of student self-government bodies at the faculty is aimed at quality education, development of students' spirituality and culture, encouragement of social activities and responsibility in student youth. Student workdays at FFA entail not only excellent education and research activities, but also interesting leisure and unforgettable recreation. Therefore, students of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting always take an active part in various festivals, competitions, quests, which are held both at the university and abroad.


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