About the Office of Public Relations and Information

The Office is a separate structural division of the Ternopil National Economic University. It was created by the order of the Rector and is in direct subordination to him. The activities of Office are guided and follow the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine, as well as internal University edicts.


The purpose of the Office's activity is to establish public relations with mass media, political parties, public organizations, higher educational establishments, educational centers and corporations, state agencies, scientific institutions, and foreign partners. In line with the purpose of its activities, the Office, in accordance with the established procedure, creates, develops and publishes official information about the Ternopil National Economic University.


The Office conducts the following activities:

  -  informs the faculty staff about publications in the mass media about the university's activities;

  -  recommends to the university leadership ways of informing the public of relevant elements of the TNEU activities;

  -  promptly respondі to untrue or inaccurate information about the activities of the Ternopil National Economic University;

  -  prepares and submits requests to institutions, enterprises and organizations to obtain information and materials;

  -  facilitates the rector and officials of the university in establishing contacts with the media, political parties and public organizations, higher educational institutions, educational centers and corporations, state scientific institutions, foreign partners;

  -  provides organizational, methodological and informational assistance to structural subdivisions of the Ternopil National Economic University in solving issues related to the formation and implementation of public relations and information policy of the University;

  -  organizes and participates in meetings of the Academic Board of the University, the administration, operational meetings, conferences, business trips, other events to discuss issues, problems and results of TNEU and the Rector;

  -  prepares texts of greetings, reports, speeches, appeals, letters, other personal materials on behalf of the rector;

  -  provides control over the operation and the operational renewal of the official TNEU website;

  -  provides official information, comments by TNEU officials on the University's activities to the media;

  -  conducts and provides technical and informational support for seminars, forums, conferences, presentations, trade fairs, round tables;

  -  organizes and accompanies special events for the media: press conferences, press tours, briefings, round tables, press clubs;

  -  monitors online media and investigatea target audiences and basic communication channels;

  -  organizes advertising campaigns and analyzes their results;

  -  manufactures and releases corporate products.


Tel.: (0352) 47-40-56; (0352) 47-50-71

E-mail: presa@wunu.edu.ua; inter.dep@wunu.edu.ua