Scientific schools

There are seven scientific schools in areas of research and preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff of the highest qualification within the university, specifically: Finance, Money Circulation and Credit; Accounting, Analysis and Audit; World Economy and International Economic Relations; Management and Regulation of the Economy at the Macro- and Meso-levels; Information and Communication Techniques Based on Artificial Intelligence Technologies, High Performance Calculations and Processors, Theoretic and Numeric Conversions and Ontology; Economics and Enterprise Management; Psychology and Pedagogy.


Scientific studies are carried out at the university in the following scientific fields:

•  Theoretical and practical development of financial and credit relations

•  Improvement of the national system of accounting, analysis and audit

• Transformational processes within the national economy and improvement upon the institutional framework of management

• Issues within global civilization processes and foreign economic policies of Ukraine

•  Problems within management and regulation of the economy at the micro-level

• Advanced informational technologies, integrated automation devices, communication systems, creation of public databases based upon modern computer systems and IT-equipment;

•  Theoretical, methodological and applied problems of economic theory development;

•  Humanitarian issues within Ukraine

• Theory and methodology of innovative educational activities, vita-cultural and socio-economic models of national education


West Ukrainian National University currently owns 227 Ukrainian patents for both inventions and utility models. In 2014-2016, inventors of the university received 61 Ukrainian patents for utility models, along with 13 patents for inventions.   


West Ukrainian National University currently issues scientific journals such as: Journal of WUNU, Finance World, Journal of European Economy, Psychology and Society (A scientific and socio-psychological journal issued in partnership with other Ukrainian universities), Computing, Regional Aspects of Development and Placement of Ukrainian Productive Forces, Ukrainian Journal of Applied Economics and scientific collections: Economic Analysis, Young Science, Ukrainian Science: Past, Modern, Future, Management Innovations, and Modern Problems of Jurisprudence.