Sviatoslav Pytel

 Director of the Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Contact information:
Теl.: (0352) 47-58-51*13-203
Room: 3203 А
Address: 3 Peremohy square, 46009, Ternopil

Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies

  The Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies is an educational, scientific and cultural-educational structural subdivision of West Ukrainian National University.

Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies provides organizational and methodological support for extramural studies, distance learning, postgraduate training, operation of the university business incubator, implementation of short-term business education programs, organization of digital educational services, monitoring the quality of educational activities, management and coordination of educational and consulting centers of WUNU.

 The structure of the Institute is aimed at providing organizational and methodological support for education and science:

  - Center of Extramural Studies and Distance Learning;

  - Office of Postgraduate Retraining and Professional Development;

  - Education and Research Center of Foreign Language Studies;

  - Center of Innovative Development and Training. 

 Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies of WUNU provides professional training in the following extramural faculty programs:

  - Extramural faculty-program of bioresources and environmental management;

  - Extramural faculty-program of economics and management;

  - Extramural faculty-program of computer information technologies;

  - Extramural faculty-program of international relations;

  - Extramural faculty-program of finance and accounting;

  - Extramural faculty-program of law;

  - Extramural faculty-program of humanities and social sciences.

 Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies actively cooperates with the following institutions and organizations: Department of Economic Development and Trade, Department of Social Protection, Department of Education and Science, Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, Department of Housing and Energy Saving, Department of Tourism of Ternopil Regional State Administration, Main Department of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine in Ternopil Oblast, Ternopil Oblast Regional Development Agency, Ternopil Oblast Employment Center, "Ternopilmiskteplokomunenerho" CE, MagneticOne Group, "US AID DOBRE" Program, "U-LEAD with Europe" Program, "Renaissance of the Nation" NGO, "ATOM" Youth Organization "Agency for Regional Tourism Development" NGO.

 Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies implements international cooperation within the framework of "Norway-Ukraine. Professional adaptation. Integration into the state system" project (NUPASS). The project focuses on professionally retraining the target group for civilian specialties that are in demand in the labor market of Ukraine, and assisting project participants in social adaptation to living conditions in civil society. The main part of the project is implemented by educational institutions of Ukraine andNORD University (Norway), which organize and carry out professional retraining of project participants in selected specialties in the amount of 500 academic hours. Upon completion of the retraining course, graduates receive three documents: a certificate of professional retraining of the state standard (from an educational institution of Ukraine), a joint certificate of NORD University and the Ukrainian educational institution, a joint diploma of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Norwegian Ministry of Defense.


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