Sviatoslav Pytel

 Head of the Centre of Extramural Studies and Distance Learning
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Contact Information:  
Phone: (0352)475851*13203
Address: Room 3203a, WUNU Building 3
3 Peremohy square, Ternopil, 46009 

Center of Extramural Studies and Distance Learning

   The Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies unites and coordinates educational-scientific and educational-methodical activity of Departments and other structural divisions of the University on the organization of training in extramural and distance learning modes.

 Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies of WUNU provides professional training in the following extramural faculty programs:

  - Extramural faculty-program of bioresources and environmental management;

  - Extramural faculty-program of economics and management;

  - Extramural faculty-program of computer information technologies;

  - Extramural faculty-program of international relations;

  - Extramural faculty-program of finance and accounting;

  - Extramural faculty-program of law;

  - Extramural faculty-program of humanities and social sciences.

 The main aims of the Center:

  - providing the conditions necessary for students who are enrolled in extramural (distance) mode of study at the university to receive quality higher education when obtaining Bachelor's or Master's degrees;

  - expanding the range of educational services provided by the University on the basis of distance education technologies;

  - development and implementation of distance learning technologies in the process of training specialists of all levels and forms of education

 Distance learning is:

  - the opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world;

  - continuous support and online consultations of teachers;

  - full access to all educational and methodical materials via the Internet.

 Advantages of distance learning:

  - flexible schedule;

  - setting the study pace independently;

  - irrelevance of physical location;

  - combining learning and full-time employment even during exams.


 Studies in extramural and distance learning modes are conducted during the exam session and in the inter-sessional period. Exam session for the extramural mode of study is set during the academic year and provides all forms of the educational process provided for in the curriculum (lectures and practical classes, seminars and tutorials, assessments). The intersessional period for extramural studies is a part of the academic year, during which the student works on mastering the educational material both independently and under the guidance of the teacher. Tests and individual tasks are the main activities student perform to master the knowledge during their  course work. The schedule of exam sessions and intersessional periods is set up in accordance with the curriculum as per the university regulations and is announced before the start of the term. The schedule is made for the current academic year in each field of training (specialty). The schedule includes: the number of exam sessions and their dates; the list of the studied disciplines and their volume; the number of tests and individual tasks and the term of their completion; forms of trimester control and state certification and their dates. Students are summoned for the session in accordance with the schedule by the invitation certificate of the established form. The invitation certificate is the grounds for granting additional paid leave to students who have completed the curriculum for the previous session.

  Distance learning entails using computer and telecommunication technologies for studies to provide real-time interaction of teachers and students at different stages of the learning process as well as to facilitate independent work with the materials of the information network. Distance learning at our university gives students the opportunity to access teaching materials around the clock, receive constant support and advice from teachers and methodologists, attend online video lectures, virtual simulators and use other technological solutions to ensure an effective learning process.

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Our contact information:

Address: 3 Peremohy square (WUNU BUilding 3, room 3203a), Ternopil, 46009
Phone: +38(0352)(0352) 475851*13203