Andrii Krysovatyi

  Head of the S. I. Yuriy Department of Finance, Head of the Academic Council of WUNU
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine

Contact Information:  
Phone: (0352)47-50-77*10-015
Address: Room 1302, WUNU Building 1
11 Lvivska st., 46020, Ternopil 

About the S.I.Yuriy Department of Finance

         The staff of S.I.Yuriy Department of Finance of WUNU trains specialists in the following educational programs:


The staff of the S. I. Yuriy Department of Finance of WUNU trains specialists in the speciality 072 "Finance, Banking, Insurance and Stock Market":

Bachelor's degree in the following educational programmes:

- Finance;

- Customs and Tax Affairs.

for the educational degree "Master" of the following educational programmes:

- Customs business;

- Finance;

- Fiscal Administration;

the educational and scientific programme "Public Finance".

Speciality 015.39 "Professional Education" (Digital Technologies):

for Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the Financial Literacy study programme

  During their studies, in addition to general disciplines, students study the following professional disciplines: tax administration; audit of public finances; budget management; debt policy; money and credit; state financial control; information systems in the customs business; treasury system; communications in the field of public finance; scientific research methodology; customs business; customs administration; customs control; customs rules and formalities; customs technologies; local finance; tax risk monitoring; municipal administration of public services; organisation of tax work and control; organisational and financial support of professional activity; tax policy; tax system; tax management; tax technologies for starting and running a business; public procurement; public finance; risks of financial fraud; public finance management; management of social public funds; management of financial resources of territorial communities; fundraising in the public sector; finance; finance of public-private partnership; finance of territorial communities; financial consulting in the context of digitalisation; financial literacy and personal professional development; financing of sustainable development projects; fiscal administration.  

  After graduating from S.I.Yuriy Department of Finance, graduates can hold positions in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and local financial authorities; bodies of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine; State Audit Service of Ukraine and its territorial subdivisions; bodies of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine; departments of state social funds; local governments; business entities of all forms of ownership; in the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Service of Ukraine, in state and local executive bodies, in state and private enterprises, in united territorial communities, in customs brokerage offices, in enterprises of foreign economic activity, in international financial and industrial groups, in scientific institutions and institutions of higher education.

 S.I.Yuriy Department of Finance actively cooperates with the following institutions and organizations: local financial bodies, bodies of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine; territorial subdivisions of the State Audit Service of Ukraine; departments of state social funds; local governments; business entities of all forms of ownership, where students have the opportunity to gain practical experience, participate in internships, to apply for jobs.

 S.I.Yuriy Department of Finance implements international cooperation with foreign partners: School of Economics and Management of Public Administration in Bratislava (Slovakia), Technical University ща Košice (Slovakia), the University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia), University of Łódz (Poland), University of Poznań (Poland).


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organization of the educational process +380681059552, Olha Kyrylenko

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