EU Programmes


 Erasmus + is an EU educational programme aimed at enhancing international cooperation and mobility among students, lecturers, researchers from European universities and higher education institutions in other countries on all continents.


Ukraine as a Partner Country has the following opportunities for organization and participation in academic mobility projects in collaboration with the Erasmus + Programme Countries:

INTERNATIONAL CREDIT MOBILITY: short-term exchange programmes for studying (3-12 months) and for practice (2-12 months) for Ukrainian (junior) bachelors, masters, postgraduate students, and doctoral students; Teaching / Upgrading / Internship (from 5 days to 2 months) for teachers and staff in higher education institutions.


Cooperation projects for the development of innovation and exchange of best practices in the field of higher education as well as for cooperation between the Programme Countries and Partner Countries (including Ukraine). The following options are available:

- CAPACITY BUILDING IN HIGHER EDUCATION (CBHE) (as applicants and partners) - Collaboration projects between higher education institutions from Europe, Ukraine and other Partner Countries of the Erasmus+ programme for building capacity for reform in higher education through the Bologna process. Open to academic and non-academic participants.

- KNOWLEDGE ALLIANCES (as partners) - development of new, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, development of educational courses based on the existing potential of expertise and innovation in institutions; stimulating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills of the teaching staff; promotion of sharing knowledge, involvement of enterprises in the educational process.

- STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS (as partners) - development and implementation of innovative practices at the organizational, local, regional, national or European level.

Note: Participation of organizations from Ukraine in a capacity of a partner is possible given unique experience that will have a significant impact on the results of the project. Open to academic and non-academic participants. Coordinated and funded by the Erasmus+ National Agencies in the Programme Countries, on whose sites the competitions are published.

Horizon 2020

 In 2015, Ukraine became an associate member of the  European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020". This membership provided the Ukrainian participants with a status equal tщ their European partners, as well as opened up opportunities for influencing the content of the Programme.

Horizon 2020 is the largest European Union framework programme for funding science and innovation with a total budget of around 80 billion euros, designed for 2014-2020.

The programme focuses on three main objectives:

- making Europe an attractive location for world-class scholars;

- promoting the development of innovation and competitiveness of European industry and business;

- using science to solve the most acute problems of modern European society.

According to these objectives, the programme is divided into three main pillars:

1. "Excellent Science", open to high-quality individual and team research projects in all fields, including humanitarian ones;

2. "Industrial Leadership", which funds the development of new technologies and materials, including ICT, and space exploration; within this area financial instruments are available for introducing innovations in SMEs;

3. "Societal Challenges", with a wide range of research projects: from improving the quality of transport, food, health and safety to European identity and cultural heritage.