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Oleg Shevchuk

Head of the International Students Office

Candidate of Economic Sciences

Associate Professor


Tel. +38 (0352) 47 58 73

Email ol.shevchuk@wunu.edu.ua

Office: 1404

Address: 11 Lvivska st., Ternopil

Educational and Scientific Center for work with foreign students

Educational and Scientific Center for work with foreign students was created in order to facilitate effective work with foreign students, improve the quality of education and training of foreign citizens, perfect the educational process, regulate and keep all education-related records.

The main activities of the Center include:

- Study of the foreign market of educational services in order to develop a system of training for citizens of foreign countries.

- Assistance in concluding agreements on the recruitment of foreign citizens to study at WUNU between recruitment companies and the university.

- Career guidance work with foreign entrants with the help of digital resources, as well as explanatory seminars organized for potential entrants in their countries of residence.

- Execution, registration and issuance of invitations to study at WUNU in cooperation with the Ukrainian State Center for International Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to provide support to foreign citizens to enter Ukraine to study, as well as during their stay in Ukraine.

- Consulting and information work on registration of entry documentation and cooperation with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in the question of the crossing of the state border by foreign entrants.

- Organization of meetings at the airport, accommodation in WUNU dormitories and registration of documents for admission to the university.

- Preliminary analysis of documents for further consideration by the Admission Committee for Foreign Citizens.

- Coordination of activities with the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Ternopil region in matters of registration of temporary residence in Ukraine, an extension of stay in Ukraine and registration of residence, with the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region to resolve conflicts related to training and residence of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine.

- Contacts with embassies and consulates of Ukraine abroad.

- Cooperation with structural units of the university, which are involved in the process of providing educational services to foreign citizens.

- Recruitment of foreign students in the main educational fields and control over the foreign students' compliance with financial and academic rules.

- Legalization and apostille of state-standard graduation documents in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, registration of personal files of foreign students.

- Introduction with the culture and customs of Ukrainians, assistance in organizing and conducting educational, cultural and sports events with the participation of foreign students.

- Maintaining contacts with foreign alumni of different years.

- Participation in the development of promotional products in order to attract foreign citizens to study at WUNU.

Foreign citizens choose our educational institution because of the high quality of education and the prestige of the diploma. The growing number of foreign students can be regarded as an indicator of stability at the University, a high world rating of the professional knowledge acquired by foreigners. In terms of the number of foreign students, the University consistently occupies one of the leading places among higher education institutions in the city of Ternopil. Teaching for foreigners is carried out in three languages: Ukrainian, English and French.

At the Preparatory Department, students study the Ukrainian language. In addition to language training, students of the Preparatory Department have the opportunity to improve their basic education in mathematics and geography. After successfully passing the final exams, students of the Preparatory Department receive state certificates and can be enrolled in the first year of studies at their chosen faculty of WUNU, as well as any other educational institution in Ukraine. University alumni who now live and work abroad demonstrate the high level of professional training they received in Ternopil, which, in turn, contributes to the growth of the number of foreign students.