Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty-Programme

 The Ukrainian-Dutch faculty-program is a structural unit of the B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Relations of the West Ukrainian National University.

The mission of the faculty-program is to train competitive specialists in the field of international economic relations and international management who are able to work successfully in the global market economy. It is achieved thanks to:

- high level of specialist training;
- professional teaching staff;
- good international relations with foreign higher education institutions;
- compliance with international educational standards.

The program faculty strives to ensure a high professional level of specialist training and effective organization of educational (educational) and research processes.


The priority of issues of the quality of specialist training: constant improvement of their competitiveness on the domestic and international labor market;
Implementation of agreements between the West Ukrainian National University, Inholland University of Applied Sciences and Aarhus University, exchange of experience between the scientific and teaching staff of WUNU, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, and Aarhus University.
High level of fundamental education: in-depth study of foreign languages, high-quality mathematical training, mastery of modern information technologies, thorough training in fundamental economic disciplines, integration of disciplines, reliance on interdisciplinary connections;
Pragmatic approach to higher education: emphasis on practical training of graduates, formation of professional competencies;
Compliance with international standards of education: focus on the best global and domestic achievements in the educational and professional sphere;
Acceptance of the principles of the Bologna Declaration: implementation of student and teacher mobility programs, re-enrollment of credits, harmonization of educational programs;
Support of innovativeness: development of scientific and research potential and system of promotion of scientific and intellectual product on the market, encouragement of students and graduates to apply acquired knowledge for personal and social development.

The main goal of the faculty-program activity is to ensure a high professional level of specialist training and effective organization of educational (educational) and research processes at the faculty-program.

Areas of specialist training

The faculty-program provides graduate training of educational degree specialists "bachelor" (basic higher education), "master" (full higher education) in the following areas:

29 "International relations" specialty 292 "International economic relations"

073 "Management" (educational program "International Management") and masters of fields of knowledge - 29 "International relations" specialty 292 "International economic relations"

073 "Management" (educational and scientific program "International Management").

Bachelor's degree graduates receive a bachelor's degree in international economic relations, as well as a certificate from Aarhus University. In order to receive the specified certificate, students write scientific papers. The works are written in English, they must meet the requirements of the external examiner, which are valid for Aarhus University, their writing requires additional consultations from the teachers, since the design standards and requirements for the work differ from Ukrainian standards. In addition, it requires a significant level of English academic writing skills.

Opportunities for students:

Perfect knowledge of the English language and learning a second foreign language by choice (German, French);

Development of leadership, personal and managerial qualities during the educational process and participating in summer schools, Olympiads, conferences;

Mastery of computer skills, free access to the Internet;

Semester studies at universities in the Netherlands, Poland, and Canada and study of professional disciplines in English at WUNU;

Internship and practice in domestic and foreign companies and organizations;

Successful employment at leading enterprises of Ukraine and the world.

Our partners

Cooperation agreements of the West Ukrainian National University with other educational institutions provide for the exchange of students and teachers, educational and methodological plans, programs and scientific literature, joint research projects, scientific and theoretical conferences, symposia, international weeks, "round tables", etc.

Currently, the program faculty cooperates with the following universities and organizations:

University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada

INHOLLAND University, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Aarhus University, Denmark

University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada

University of British Columbia (UBC) is known for its strong educational philosophy based on the belief that students learn best by applying their knowledge to practical situations. The result of this was that more than 86% of UBC graduates find a job in their specialty almost immediately after graduating from the University. Their employers say that such an educational model provides UBC graduates with skills in team building and problem solving, thanks to which they fit perfectly into the team from the very first day of work. UBC maintains constant contact with businesses through many different means, including recruitment, supervisory board, internships and targeted training, and training programming. These connections form the core of how UBC has become so successful in training specialists ready to work.

The agreement was signed on March 25, 2010

INHOLLAND University, Kingdom of the Netherlands

INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences is the result of the merger of Alkmaar University of Professional Education, Haarlem University of Professional Education, Hogeschool Holland University of Professional Education and Ichthus University of Professional Education, Delft University of Professional Education. Each of these universities has earned a good reputation. In their fields of specialization, they provide high-quality training programs with an individual approach and direct connections with companies and institutions.

The agreement was signed: 01.01.2003

Aarhus University, Denmark

Aarhus University is an independent higher education institution located in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark with a population of about 275,000. It belongs to the top 100 universities in the world.

Aarhus University has a School of Business and Social Sciences. Here, disciplines are taught and degrees are awarded at the bachelor's, master's and Ph.D. levels. The School of Business and Social Sciences includes the Department of Business Administration, the faculty of the Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty Program closely cooperates with its teachers.

The agreement was signed on April 8, 2015

Our contacts:

Address: 11 Lvivska str., room: 1412, Ternopil

Telephone: (0352) 47-50-75*11-139

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