Oksana Huhul

 Head of the Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Business
Candidate of Economic Sciences, AssociateProfessor

Contact Information:  
Еmail: o.gugul@wunu.edu.ua   
Phone: (0352)47-50-75*11-113
Address: Room 1217, WUNU Building 1
11 Lvivska st., Ternopil, 46009 

Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Business

    The staff of the Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Business of WUNU trains specialists in the following educational programs:

 - Hospitality Business;

  - Tourism.

  During their studies, in addition to general disciplines, students study the following professional disciplines: Geography of tourism, Hotel and restaurant business, Organization of international tourism, Tourism policy, Tourist infrastructure, Organization of animation services, Monitoring of hotel and restaurant services, Tourism management, Tourism marketing, Organization , Organization of international transport, Risk management in tourism and hotel business, Standardization, certification and licensing of hotel and tourist services, Bar business, Tourist and recreational services, Safety in tourism, Quality management of hotel and restaurant and tourist services, Communicative discourse.  

  After graduating from the Departent of International Tourism and Hospitality Business, graduates can hold the following positions: managers of hotel, restaurant and tourist complexes, managers of senior and middle management in the hotel and restaurant and tourism industry.

 The Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Business actively cooperates with the following institutions and organizations: Tourism Department of TRSA, PO "Ternopil Malyovnyche", LLC "Bosphorus", TA "Kray vidpochynku", TA "Coral Travel", Tour operator "OGO GO", TA "Let's travel together", TA “Sonatica”where students have the opportunity to gain practical experience, participate in internships, to apply for jobs.

 The Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Business implements international cooperation with foreign partners. 

 Starting from the second year of study, students have a unique opportunity to consolidate theoretical knowledge with real practice in tourist and recreational complexes and high-class hotels in Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

 The department has partnerships with world-renowned universities such as Aarhus School of Business (Denmark), Inholland University (Kingdom of the Netherlands), Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University, (Sweden), Institute Superior de Commerce International de Dunkirk (France).


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