Olena Sokhatska

Position: director of the Center "Scientific Studies of Global Development", professor of the Department of International Economic Relations
Scientific degree: Doctor of Economic Sciences
Academic title: Professor

Address: Ternopil, str. Lvivska 11
Room: 1416a
Phone: +38(067) 2518354
E-mail: o.sokhatska@wunu.edu.ua

Center "Scientific Studies of Global Development"

The Center "Scientific Studies of Global Development" is a structural scientific and analytical division of the B. D. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Relations of the West Ukrainian National University, which carries out its activities on the basis of the current legislation of Ukraine, orders, orders, decisions, the statute of the West Ukrainian National University and the Regulations on this center.

The purpose of the center's activity is to organize the scientific activities of scientists, graduate students, and students of the B. D. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Relations regarding research into the new realities of global development in the 21st century for the development of proposals for Ukraine's preservation of subjectivity in international relations in conditions of increased instability; popularization of the importance of these scientific studies for the state, territorial communities, investors; participation in joint projects with scientists and practitioners of higher education institutions of Ukraine and partner universities, representatives of organizations carrying out international activities; carrying out various scientific activities, making important analytical reports on these problems, making them public.

Areas of activity of the Center:

  • conducting scientific research in the triad: university-government-business (at the level of the state and territorial communities);
  • cooperation with scientific institutions, official diplomatic missions of states in Ukraine, structural units in order to receive express information about various events (science, membership, seminars and visits) and with the aim of establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

The main tasks of the center:

  1. providing bachelors, masters and PhD students with useful information for the proper organization of their scientific activities; involving them in scientific research as part of creative scientific teams;
  2. implementation of scientific and other projects related to the integration of Ukraine into the global geopolitical space
  3. deepening of the international scientific activity of the university, in particular, through participation in scientific projects (informational support, correspondence, grant writing);
  4. organization of public informational and analytical, scientific events, such as briefings, conferences, seminars, etc. (according to individual requests and agreements);
  5. organization of certificate training courses on the problems of global development for bachelors, masters, postgraduates of higher educational institutions of the region (according to individual requests and agreements);
  6. holding conferences, seminars, round tables on global development;
  7. organization of presentations of new research in social networks, as well as speeches of young scientists and students in secondary schools of the region.

The Center "Scientific Studies of Global Development" provides services in the following areas: scientific research, educational process, consulting.

If you have any questions аbout:

of scientific research and consulting call +38(067)2518354

of the educational process, call + 38(098)4773770

Our contacts:

Address: Ternopil, str. Lvivska 11, room 1416a

Phone: +38(067) 2518354