Oleg Rudakevytch

Position: director of the center, professor
Scientific degree: Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Doctor of Political Sciences
Academic title: professor

Room: 1413
Phone: (+38 0352) 47-50-75*11328
E-mail: rud_om@wunu.edu.ua

Center of political studies

The Center of Political Science Studies is a structural division of the West Ukrainian National University, which brings together professors of the Department of Philosophy and Political Science, graduate students and political science students, and other interested parties to study current political processes taking place in the Ternopil region, Ukraine, and the world.

The purpose of the center's activity is:

- consolidation of the efforts of teachers, graduate students, political science students, and other interested parties in order to study current political problems;

- promotion of the successful implementation of the educational and professional program "International and Regional Political Communications", which prepares bachelors, and the curriculum for training doctors of philosophy in the specialty 052 "Political Science" at the University;

- cooperation with the bodies of state power, local self-government and institutions of civil society in order to solve the urgent problems of life in the city of Ternopil and the region, which are the sphere of activity of the Center.

Areas of the Center's research activities: international politics and international political communications, regional politics and regional political communications, work of the Central Government, decentralization, other socio-political processes, political culture, civil society, youth policy, development of democracy, elections, environmental policy, educational process, scientific forums.

The main tasks of the Center:

1. Study of public opinion on a wide range of political issues.

2. Conducting research, analytical, organizational and informational work.

3. Conducting scientific research on the problems of international and regional politics, decentralization, political communications, political culture, youth policy, development of civil society and democracy.

4. Establishment of cooperation with institutions of higher education of Ukraine, authorities and local self-government, scientific centers, institutions, enterprises, non-governmental organizations on issues of political science studies.

5. Conducting scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical conferences on problems that belong to the list of specializations of the Center.

6. Organization and holding of seminars and schools for the purpose of spreading and popularizing political and public education with special emphasis on the student and youth environment.

7. Expert and analytical support for the activities of the mass media, public political, state structures and local self-government bodies.

8. Publishing activity in the field of political sciences, in particular, the annual release of scientific works of teachers, graduate students and students on complex departmental topics.

9. Development of methodical, analytical and informational materials and projects.

The Center may carry out other activities related to the main areas of the University's activities, provided for by the University's charter and not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.

The Center of Political Science Studies provides services in the following spheres: scientific, educational, social and professional activities of a political orientation.

If you have any questions regarding the organization of political science research, the study of public opinion, the conduct of political expertise, political analysis and forecasting, the organization of scientific and educational forums, presentations, discussions, interactive forms of educational classes, etc., call: +38(0352)475-050* 132-84

Our contacts:

Address: str. Lvivska, 11, building #1, Ternopil, 40009.

Phone: +38(0352)475-050*132-84

Room: 1411

E-mail: politcenter.wunu@gmail.com