Oksana Shandruk

 Director of the Center

Phone: 11000

Room: 1221

Email: mckr@wunu.edu.ua

Inteernational Centre for Culture and Development

 ICCD operates within the structure of WUNU to organize work on coordination and development of international educational, cultural and artistic activities of students and staff of the university, foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons. It aims to meet educational, scientific, cultural, legal, recreational and other interests, and the implementation of innovative projects with foreign colleagues, the establishment of new scientific and cultural relations.


1. Organization of measures aimed at strengthening interethnic, interfaith and cross-cultural tolerance among people studying and working at WUNU, based on the principles of legality, democracy and equality.

2. Accumulation and publication of information materials of cultural and culturological direction.

3. Search for opportunities for international cooperation in the field of development and coordination of interregional and international projects.

4. Organization of internships for students, teachers of WUNU abroad and promotion of their participation in international scientific, educational and cultural events.

5. Establishing contacts with Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions, research centers, centers of science and culture, public organizations and charitable foundations.

6. Establishing cooperation with the authorities, educational institutions, enterprises, non-governmental organizations on the strategy of socio-economic development of Ukraine, its foreign policy in the context of the latest transformations of the system of international relations.

7. Facilitating the organization of foreign language training of interested persons (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, research and teaching staff, etc.).


Address: 11 Lvivska st.

Internal phone: 11000

Room: 1221

Еmail: mckr@wunu.edu.ua