Tetiana Borysova

Head of the Department of Marketing
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
Contact information
Address: 3 Peremohy square, WUNU Building 3, Ternopil, 46020
Room: 3311
Теl.: 47-50-74*13-211, 096 156 09 00
Email: t.borisova@wunu.edu.ua 

Department of Marketing

The staff of the Department of Marketing of WUNU trains the specialists in the educational program:

- "Marketing", professional direction - Internet marketing.

In addition to general disciplines, the students study the following ones of professional orientation during their training: Neuromarketing; Creative Marketing Studios; YouTube and Blogging; Internet Marketing; WEB-marketing: SEO; WEB-marketing: SMM; Internet Sales and Email Marketing; Marketing; Branding; Strategic Marketing; Public Relations (PR); Marketing Communications; Advertising Management; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Services; Marketing Product Policy; Sports Marketing; Marketing Automation (CRM); Merchandising; Sales Management; Marketing Research and Analytics; Marketing Pricing; Modeling and Forecasting in Marketing; Marketing Logistics; Industrial Marketing; Website Development and Web Analytics.

After graduating from the university, the graduates of the department can hold the following positions: Marketing Director; Commercial Director; Creative Director; Head of Sales Department; Brand Manager; Product Manager; Marketing and Advertising Manager; Marketing Analyst; Internet Marketer; Targetologist, Copywriter; SEO Manager; SMM Manager; PR Manager.

The department actively cooperates with the following institutions and organizations: “Wise Solutions” Smart Internet Solutions Agency, Marketing Center “Dali”, Communications Agency “Reklamist”, where the students also have an opportunity to gain practical experience, participate in internships, apply for a job.

The department develops international cooperation with foreign partners: Wroclaw University of Economics (Republic of Poland), the Joint Academy of Sciences (Republic of Poland), Lublin Catholic University named after John Paul II (Republic of Poland), INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences (Kingdom of the Netherlands), where the students have an opportunity to do internships in exchange programs, to participate in semester studies.

The Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Economics and Management (WUNU) has a laboratory of neuromarketing and advertising and a laboratory of marketing research. During the practical classes, neuro equipment (EEG, Eye tracker), graphics tablet, photo box, digital and 360-camera, stabilizer, tripods and monopod, blogger sets, projector and screen, mobile buttons, rented photo area 2 * 4 m, professional dictaphone, frame area for interviews with changing backgrounds, professional lighting, etc., as well as software NeuroLab CoolTool, Microsoft365, Microsoft Teams are used. There is a monthly subscription to digital and marketing news magazines "Nielsen Digest" and "Intelligent transport", as well as to the media library of the course "Creative Practice.

If you have any questions аbout:

admission - +38 (0352) 47-50-74 * 13-211 Svitlana Khrupovych

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moving into a dormitory - +38(0352) 47-50-74*13-211 Svitlana Khrupovych

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Our contact information:

Address: 3 Peremohy Square, WUNU Building 3

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