Head of the Department of Cyber Security

Vasyl Yatskiv
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor 
Room: 6501
Email: vy@wunu.edu.ua

Department of Cyber Security


The department is the graduating department in the specialty 125 "Cyber Security” for Bachelor and Master programmes. Specialty 125 "Cyber Security” covers issues relating to the protection of confidentiality, integrity, availability of computing devices and networks, software and, most importantly, data and information.

Cyber Security considers the protection of a new entity – cyberspace, the environment that formed as a result of interaction between humans, software, Internet services using technical devices and network communications. With the development of the Internet and mobile banking, the Internet of things and many other modern technologies, security in cyberspace applies to each of us. Cyber security specialists provide protection of the vital interests of society, timely detection, prevention and neutralization of real and potential threats in the field of functioning of information, computer and cyber-physics systems.

Students in the Bachelor programme are educated on: programming (Python, C++, Assembler, Java); web technologies; protection of computer networks and web resources; modern testing methods for security of programs and data; protection of software products; cryptography; legal and social aspects of cyber security.

Students in the Master programme are educated on: testing of computer systems for penetration (ethical hacking); digital criminology; reverse engineering; methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning; security of Internet of things and blockchain technology.


Graduates can work as:

•designers of information security systems;

•specialists in organization of information security;

•specialists of systems and information security;

•specialists in organization and testing for penetration;

•cyber security project analysts;

•managers of information security systems;

•computer network administrators;

•specialists in development of computer programs;

•analysts of cyber security systems.

Main directions of scientific research of the department:

•Internet safety and cyber-physics systems.

•Cryptographic methods of information security.

•Processes for encoding, processing and transmitting wireless sensor networks.

•Modular correction codes.

•Blockchain technology.

Scientific projects: "Theoretical foundations and hardware for improving productivity of wireless sensor networks". State registration number 0117U000414. Supervisor – Yatskiv V.V.


8 Chekhov st., TNEU Building №6, room 6501, Ternopil, 46003.

Email: kb@wunu.edu.ua

Channel of the department in telegram: https: //t.me/cs_cybersecurity

Department on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kb.tneu.edu.ua/

Department website: https://cs.tneu.edu.ua