Vasyl Yatskiv

Head of the Department of Cyber Security
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Contact Information:  
Phone: 56-501#
Address: Room 6501, WUNU Building 6
8 Chekhova street, Ternopil, 46003

Department of Cyber Security


 The staff of the Department of Cyber Security of WUNU provides training in the following educational program:

  - Cyber Security.


  During their studies, in addition to general disciplines, students study the following professional disciplines: Integrated information security systems; Information security management; Digital forensics; Network security monitoring; Research and design of information security systems; Fundamentals of cyber security; Cyber ​​security; Computer network security; Blockchain and digital currencies; Security testing; Penetration testing of computer systems; Methodology of scientific research organization; Cybersecurity standards and regulations; Risk assessment and management; Cryptography; Technical means of information protection; Cryptographic protocols and methods of cryptanalysis; Steganographic methods; Computer and systems architecture; Computer networks; Web 3.0 technologies; Security of Web resources; Python programming; Programming II (C#); Database design; Reverse Engineering; Programming for research

  After graduating from the Department of Cyber Security, graduates can hold the following positions:designer of information security systems; information security specialist; specialist in the operation of systems and means of information protection; specialist in organizing and conducting penetration testing; cybersecurity project analyst; information security systems manager; computer network administrator; computer program specialist, cybersecurity systems analyst.

 The Department implements international cooperation with foreign partners: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (the Czech Republic), University of Bielsko-Biala (Poland).


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organization of the educational process +380966206660, Stepan Ivasiev

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Our contact information:

Address: 8 Chekhova st., (WUNU Building 6, room 6501), Ternopil, 46003
Phone: 56-501#