Andrii Pukas

 Head of the Department of Computer Science
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Contact Information:  
Phone: (0352)23-60-29
Address: Room 6403, WUNU Building 6
8 Chekhova st., 46000, Ternopil, Ukraine  

About the Department of Computer Science


 The staff of the Department of Computer Science of WUNU provides training in the Field of Knowledge 12 "Information Technology" in the following educational programs:

  - 121 "Software Engineering" (Bachelor's degree);

  - 126 "Information Systems and Technologies" (Bachelor's degree);

  - 121 "Software Engineering" (Master's degree);

  - 121 "Software Engineering" (PhD).


  During their studies, in addition to general disciplines, students study the following professional disciplines: Web-programming, Web-design, Algorithms and data structures, Analysis of software requirements, Computer architecture, Software architecture and design, Software and data security, Discrete structures, Empirical methods of software engineering, Software economics, Database and knowledge programming tools, Software design, Human-machine interaction, Software project management, Software modeling and analysis, Object-oriented programming, Operating systems, Computer organization of network networks, Organization of global network servers, Fundamentals of software engineering, Fundamentals of programming, Programming of mobile devices, Intelligent robotic systems, Project workshop, Professional practice and communications of software engineering, Design of databases and knowledge, System analysis and design of computer information systems, Modern software development platforms, Software quality and testing, Software systems reliability theory, Software reengineering methods and tools, Interval computing, Programming for mobile platforms, Flexible software development methods, Cloud technologies, Cross-platform software engineering, Data mining, Management and strategic development of IT business, Operating systems, Discrete mathematics, Algorithms and data structures, Fundamentals of programming, Fundamentals of information technology, Numerical methods, Object-oriented programming, Computer circuitry, Designing of databases and knowledge, Means of programming of databases and knowledge, System analysis, Web-programming, Organization of computer networks, Analytics of business decisions in the conditions of uncertainty, Quality of software and testing, Systems of artificial intelligence, Project workshop, Information systems design, Information systems security.

  After graduating from the Department of Computer Science, graduates can hold the following positions: software development and testing specialist; programmer (database); application programmer; system programmer; technician-programmer; specialist in project and program management in the field of tangible (intangible) production; information technology specialist.

The Department actively cooperates with the following institutions and organizations: Eleks, Magnis, Apiko, Forte Group, in particular, within the framework of dual education of students during the semester.

 The Department implements international cooperation with foreign partners: University of South Bohemia (the Czech Republic), Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany); Pomeranian Academy (Poland); Lodz University of Technology (Poland).



 If you have any questions аbout:

admission - Volodymyr Manzhula

moving into a dormitory - Liudmyla Honchar

organization of the educational process - Olha Simak

submission of certificates, applications, etc. - Olha Simak

cooperation with scientists - Nataliia Porplytsia


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Our contact information:

Address: 8 Chekhova street, (WUNU Building 6, room 6405), Ternopil, 46003
Phone: +38 (0352) 23-60-29