Head of the Department of Computer Engineering

Oleh Berezkyi 

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Scientific Interests: development of methods, algorithms and software for the analysis and synthesis of complex images of various nature; construction of intelligent biomedical and measuring systems

Phone: 16-139

Email: ob@wunu.edu.ua

Room: 6305


About the Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering is the graduating department in the field of computer engineering for the educational degrees of "Bachelor” and "Master”, and educational-qualification level of "Specialist” in "Computer Engineering”.
Head of the department is Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Berezky Oleg.
The following laboratories are assigned to the department: "Physics and Computer Electronics” (room 6302), "Automated Design of Computer Systems and Networks” (room 6306). The classes for students of all specialties of the Faculty of Computer Information Technologies are held in the laboratories.
The following disciplines are assigned to the Department of Computer Engineering: computer graphics, computer electronics, the theory of electric and magnetic circuits, physics, computer-integrated technologies, computer systems, telecommunication systems, information security in computer systems, technology of computer systems design, discrete mathematics, algorithms and computing methods, feasibility study of computer systems development, organization of databases, object-oriented programming, computer systems of artificial intelligence, computer cryptogram, modelling of computer systems, design of computer systems on programmable logic microcircuits.
Department staff
The educational process at the department is provided by:
- 3 Doctors of Sciences, Professors;
- 12 Candidates of Sciences, including 10 associate professors;
- 8 lecturers, including 4 post-graduate students.
Scientific work
The department conducts scientific research in areas such as:
- development of methods, algorithms and software for the analysis and synthesis of complex images of various nature;
- research work 0113U000849 "Research of electric and lighting parameters of modern semi-conductive light sources”, supervisor is associate professor Pazdrii I.R.
- construction of intelligent biomedical and measuring systems;
- automation of designing and modeling of micro electro-mechanical systems and integrated circuits;
- high-performance parallel processing systems for intensive data streams;
- high-performance digital signal processing systems;
- development of methods and algorithms of processing information streams in computer networks using two-keys cryptography;
- development of algorithms and tools for efficient design and support of cryptographic systems resistant to attacks on implementation;
- improvement of the theory of numbers algorithms using various theoretic-numerical bases;
- development and research of high-frequency converters for luminous lamps;
- specialized computer systems in lighting engineering