Interim Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics

Olesia Martyniuk
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Associate Professor
Phone: 475050×12319

Department of Applied Mathematics

 In market conditions of economic management, mathematical methods become an important argument for obtaining deeper and fuller knowledge about the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the economic mechanism of certain processes and phenomena. Strategic decisions should not be taken intuitively, but based on comprehensive statistical analysis and mathematical calculations. And it is notable that nowadays there is an active growth in the use of mathematical methods in macro and microeconomic research.
The Department provides the teaching of such disciplines as "Higher Mathematics", "Higher and Applied Mathematics", "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics", "Mathematical Programming", "Optimization Methods and Models", "Mathematical Economics", "Econometrics", "Risk Management", "Quantitative Methods and Models of Tax Forecasting", "Quantitative Methods of Financial Forecasting", "Methods and Models of Decision Making in Analysis and Audit", "Models of Social Processes", "Mathematical Modeling of Workflow", "Mathematical Modeling in Economics", "Mathematical statistics and mathematical methods in psychology", "Game Theory" for students of the faculties of agrarian economy and management, banking business, economics and management, accounting and audit, law, finance, computer information technologies and B. D. Hawrylyshyn educational and scientific institute of international economic relations.
The primary focus of the Department is on the optimization methods and models, quantitative methods of financial forecasting, quantitative methods and models of tax forecasting, assessment and modeling of financial risks, mathematical methods and models in social work, financial mathematics, methods and models of decision-making in analysis and audit, mathematical modeling of workflow. In the educational process and applied scientific research, computer equipment and software products (EXCEL, STADIA, MATLAB-6, GEOGEBRA) are intensively used for solving optimization and econometric problems.
The Department conducts scientific research, which is integrated into the topics: "Modern methods for solving differential equations" and "Development of mathematical models and tools for global modeling of economic processes of development and management of economic systems". For the period of the Department existence, the lecturers published 7 monographs and more than 700 articles. At the Department there is a students' scientific circle that attracts the best students of the university.