Olesia Martyniuk

 Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics
Candidate of Physical and Methematical Sciences, Associate Professor

Contact Information:  
Еmail: o.martyniuk@wunu.edu.ua 
Phone: (0352) 51-75-24*12-319
Address: Room 2217, WUNU Building 2
3 Peremohy square, Ternopil

Department of Applied Mathematics


 The staff of the Department of Applied Mathematics of WUNU provides training for all educational programs with respect to Mathematics, ensuring that students obtain deeper and more complete knowledge about the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the economic mechanism of certain processes and phenomena.


During their studies, students study the following professional disciplines: Further Mathematics; Applied Mathematics; Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics; Econometrics; Optimization Methods and Models; Modeling in Public Finance; Logics; Mathematical Statistics and Financial Mathematics; Game Theory; Statistics

 The main directions of activity include: optimization methods and models, quantitative methods of financial forecasting, quantitative methods and models of tax forecasting, assessment and modeling of financial risks, mathematical methods and models in social work, financial mathematics, methods and models of decision making in analysis and audit, mathematical modeling of labor processes. In the educational process and applied research, computer equipment and software products (EXCEL, STADIA, MATLAB-6, GEOGEBRA, Statistics) are intensively used to solve optimization and econometric problems.

The Department conducts sicentific research on topics: "Modern methods of solving differential equations" and "Development of mathematical models and tools for global modeling of economic processes of development and management of economic systems". There is a student science club at the Department.

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Our contact information:

Address: 3 Peremohy square, (WUNU Building 2, room 2217), Ternopil, 46009
Phone: +38(0352) 51-75-24*12-319