Head of the Laboratory

 Yeleonora Yashchenko 

Head of the Laboratory, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Internal tel.: 10-045

Room: 11202б

E-mail: lmeaod@ukr.net

Laboratory for Monitoring the Quality of Educational Activities

 The purpose of the laboratory's activity is to:

- develop the scientific and methodological base, as well as the information and reference support for monitoring the quality of education;

- evaluate the level of effectiveness and quality of the organization of the educational process;

- develop recommendations for the preparation of perspective plans and programmes of personnel, educational, methodological, material and technical development.


The main tasks of the laboratory are:

- diagnostics and development of substantiated recommendations, plans, programmes of developing the educational process and management activity at different levels, approbation of the criteria for evaluating the quality of education and methods of their practical use;

- synthesis and dissemination of best teaching practices;

- analysis of the monitoring processes in educational institutions, preparation of proposals for their implementation in TNEU;

- organization and coordination of the creative group on monitoring the quality of education;

- assistance in consolidating the efforts of all structural units to address issues related to improving the effectiveness of students' educational activities;

- support of the university's good image, promotion of new programmes for the development of professional qualities in students;

- realization of cultural-educational and educational work within the framework of university activity.