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Head of Preparatory Department


Yankova Tetiana


Phone/Fax (0352) 475873


Office 11506

Address: 11 Lvivska Str., Ternopil, 46000,Ukraine

Studying and Accomodation



International integration of Ukraine in the area of higher education is realized within the frameworks of inter-governmental and inter-departmental agreements with many countries throughout the world. Totally, 39 thousand international students from 110 world countries get education in Ukraine.Ternopil National Economic University is not an exception in that process, and has been hosting students from many countries.


 The Preparatory Department for International Students has become the initial step on the way to adaptation to new conditions of stud. It started its activity in appliance with the AB  298874 License of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science of 23 February 2006. 


Studying includes:

- lectures

- seminars

- exams

- written work

- independent studying

- group work


SUBJECTS (Ukrainian Language Program):


   List of Subjects Amount of academic hours
   Ukrainian Language 1116
   Fundamentals of Economics 180
   Mathematics 360
   World Economic and Social Geography    180
   Country Studies 90
   Computer Science 108


SUBJECTS (English  Language Program):


   List of Subjects Amount of academic hours
   English Language 756
   Ukrainian Language 360
   Fundamentals of Economics 180
   Mathematics 360
   World Economic and Social Geography    180
   Country Studies 90
   Computer Science 108




According to the University scale According to the national scale According to  ECTS
90-100  excellent  А (excellent)
 85-89  good  (very good)
 75-84  good  C (good)
 65-74  satisfactory  (satisfactory)
 60-64  satisfactory  (passed)
 35-59  not passed  FX (not passed with the possibility of re-passing)
 1-34  not passed  (not passed with obligatory repeated course)




Students of the Preparatory Department stay at hostels in single, double and triple rooms. Facilities are in a block,  kitchen - on the floor.


Hostel fee for one year of study Prices
Single room 1960 UAH / month
Double, triple room (one bed cost) 980 UAH  / month



Admition Terms

Admission has been opened for 2019-2020
1. People wishing to apply to TNEU please download the Application Form and email it to Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens
together with:
A. copy of international passport;
B. copy of High (Secondary) School Certificate with transcript;
C. consent of personal data processing

English [3.83 Kb] (Downloads: 3)

Française [7.39 Kb] (Downloads: 2)

Русский [13.81 Kb] (Downloads: 1)

Українська [11.42 Kb] (Downloads: 1)  

D. results of external independent testing (if available).
2. After receiving the packet of the above mentioned document you will get the detailed instructions. Please follow these instructions and an official Invitation Letter for studying at TNEU will be sent to your correspondence address by courier express mail. The Invitation Letter should be submitted to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country for the purpose of receiving a student visa.
3. After obtaining the student visa you must inform the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens of TNEU about the exact date of your arrival to Ukraine and your flight number.
4. Upon your arrival at Ternopil National Economic University you should submit the Application Pack to Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens .
Application Pack is submitted  personally:
- passport with valid student visa;
- high (secondary) school certificate with transcript (original and copy);
- birth certificate (original and copy);
- health certificate (valid within two months from the moment of issue);
- HIV-negative test certificate (valid within two months from the moment of issue);
- 12 photos-cize 3.5x4.5
5. The admission procedure will be completed after you sign an Agreement with the University and pay your full tuition fee for.


The students are trained on the basis of the curricula approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The duration of study is one year. At the end of the academic year the students of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens pass final examinations and tests. The succeeding students are granted state certificates enabling them to enter higher educational establishments ofUkraineon competitive basis.
The Preparatory Department is completely provided with text-books and course wear specifically developed for international students. The international students have all necessary conditions for independent and individual work. Thus, reading halls, computer laboratories, electronic library and other facilities are free at their disposal. For the period of studies at our University the international students are offered activities in various amateur groups providing interesting events and entertainments. And sport fans can enjoy participating in different sport activities, the most popular of which are the following: aerobics, fitness, basketball, arm-wrestling, body-building, football, volley-ball, etc. The University has three indoor gyms, aerobics and fitness halls, sport grounds for the students' disposal.
In addition, the international students are offered various sightseeing of places of interest in the region and through the country. Also, parties devoted to national cultures are held within the academic year, where the students present traditions and customs of their nations, since they represent Algeria, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon, and other countries.
The personnel of the Preparatory Department, like all other staff of the University readily provide the international students their support in:
admittance and accommodation;
- adaptation to unknown cultural environment;
- acquaintance with Ukrainian culture;
- language support;
- visa facilitation;
- settlement of current every-day and academic challenges;
- contacts with other international students.
Residential complex provides all necessities for secure and comfortable life of students, including:
- round-the-clock security on the ground and each floor;
- storage compartments;
- dining-room, cafeteria, and buffet;
- computer hall with Internet access;
- play ground, gym and play hall.