For international students

English Language Master Program "Project Management”

Department of Information Computer Systems and Control


Department that prepares students for specialization "Project Management” is Department of Information Computer Systems and Control. Three educational laboratories that are connected with a local computer network with speed access to the Internet and Wi-Fi zone and also 28-processor super computer are involved in the educational process. The department closely works with Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems (TNEU - Institute of cybernetics named by V.M. Glushkov of National Academic of Science in Ukraine) for general implementation of international projects, organizing the International ІЕЕЕ conferences, publishing the International Journal of Computing, and also working with leading companies and firms: Texas Instruments, MagneticOne, Elex, Cypress and family departments of universities in Western Europe and the world.

Project management – is an area of knowledge of planning, organization and resources management with the aim to achieve goals successfully and complete project tasks.
The aim of master’s degree program: to provide quality professional preparation of master's degree specialists in the field of project management based on the state standards of education and international professional standards.


Future student will study such disciplines:

- Intellectual Property; - Research Methodologies; - Information and Knowledge Management; - Methods and Tools for Decision Support; - Design in Environment of Internet Things; - Projects Planning and Organization; - Project Management: Concepts and Phases;
- Human Resource Management in Projects;
- Risk Management;
- Project Control;
- Quality Management and Standards.

Requirements: higher education (bachelor, specialist degree) from any speciality.

Diploma: Graduated students will get diploma for qualification "Master of Project Management”. The best selected students will have the opportunity to continue their study in the University of the applied sciences and arts of Dortmund, Germany, and other universities of consortium of the program EuroMPM, and additionally can get European diploma.
Future Professions: project and program manager, manager of IT-services on enterprises, project analyst.

Department of Information Computer Systems and Control,
Professor Anatoly Sachenko ,
r.2301, Ternopil National Economic University, 3 Peremoga Square,
Ternopil, 46020, Ukraine
(0352) 47-50-50*12-321,