For international students

English language Master Program “International Accounting”

English language Master Program
"International Accounting”
Educational degree – Master
Area of expertise - 07 «Management and Administration» 
Speciality - 071 «Accounting and Taxation» 
Duration –1 year and 9 months

Increasing globalization, growth of multinational corporations, convergence of international accounting practices and growth of the European Union all contribute to the importance of a focus on international accounting education.
Adoption importance of International Financial Reporting Standards and shortage of international accounting expertise have led to significant increase in demand for relevant education. The speed and significance of recent reforms as well as increasing complexity and variety of accounting practices across the world call for Master's level education to prepare professionals capable of addressing these changes.
The Master in International Accounting is designed to equip you with a high standard of knowledge in the principles, advanced theoretical concepts and practice of international accounting, control, audit and analysis. The program will give you up-to-date practical and theoretical knowledge of international accounting, will help you understand and use reporting methods structured around the widely used International Financial Reporting Standards, and analyze financial statements of international businesses from around the world.
The Master of International Accounting is designed to educate both Ukrainian and foreign students, using international experience and individual learning. All courses will be taught in English.

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Department of Accounting in Public Sector of Economy and Service Sector
Ternopil   National   Economic   University
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Mykhailo R. Luchko, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Certified Auditor 
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Nataliya Melnyk, PhD, Associate Professor