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West Ukrainian National University is among the leaders in the Publons ranking

 West Ukrainian National University ranks 7th in Ukraine among 456 institutions of higher education in the number of bibliometric profiles of scientists according to Web of Science. This is testament to the work of the scientists of the Classical University of Ternopil in the world digital scientific space.

TNEU is the best among Ukrainian economic HEIs according to Scopus indicators

 In April 2020, the website Osvita.ua carried out scientometric monitoring of scientific and publishing institutions of Ukraine according to the indicators of the SciVerse Scopus database, on the basis of which the rating of Ukrainian higher education institutions was compiled.

TNEU is among leaders in the evaluation of the scientific quality of universities in the world!

 Webometrics published updated rating in January (January 2020, version 9.2, beta!, https://www.webometrics.info/en/transparent?fbclid=IwAR0XSXaQQxN9aKQjQW2nN19KOooFLDZV7SeowjRw2b_gv2iAx8EuJ_sometricsCA) based on citations from the Google Scholar database. Only 72 Ukrainian higher education institutions are included in the rating, and Ternopil National Economic University ranks 4th among them!

The TNEU academic community once again demonstrated quality work, leadership and a willingness to meet the demands of the times. The high quality and professional use of scientific content was ensured by the highly professional staff of the L. Kanishchenko TNEU Library.

TNEU in the GreenMetric World University Rankings 2019

 TNEU has risen from 440 to 423 in the GreenMetric World University Rankings, which considers 780 universities of the world. Our higher education institution ranks 5th among Ukrainian universities!

The rating measures the environmental impact of an institution in terms of six sets of criteria: creation of a favorable eco-landscape environment, energy saving, savings of water resources, waste management, the use of ZeroEmission vehicles , conducting educational activities and research in the field of sustainable development.

The rating is based on the conceptual framework of the environment, economy and justice.

TNEU in July Webometrics 2018 ranking

The World Transparent Ranking of Repositories of institutional repositories of universities and other academic institutions is published on the Webometrics website ( https://repositories.webometrics.info/en/transparent ).

According to the rating, the repository of the TNEU L. Kanishchenko library was at the 177th place. The rating is based on the number of scientific papers placed in the repository and indexed by the Google Scholar database. This year, Webeomtrics's automated rating algorithm has identified 1,000 top repositories of which more than 30 are repositories of Ukrainian universities.

We congratulate the TNEU University community on their remarkable achievement. International recognition and a leading position in a global ranking is a result of teamwork of the teaching staff and students.

TNEU in the Google Scholar ranking

According to the results of this year's (June 2018, version 6.0, beta!) global evaluation of the quality of universities’ scientific activity, Ternopil National Economic University was in 8th place among 118 Ukrainian universities included in the world ranking and 2297 place in the global rating, which has 5808 educational institutions.

The evaluation was conducted by Webometrics ( https://webometrics.info/en/transparent ) through analysis of the citation of scientists in the Google Scholar database. Our university has once again confirmed its excellence as a European-style higher education institution! We are proud of the hard work of TNEU scientists and look forward to new achievements.

Ternopil National Economic University ranked first in the webometric rating among Ukrainian universities!

According to the evaluation results of the quality of the world universities’ scientific activity in July 2018 conducted by Webometrics (https://webometrics.info/en/transparent), Ternopil National Economic University ranked first among 326 Ukrainian universities included in the ranking and 760th in the global ranking of 12,000 educational institutions. Our university has again confirmed the excellence of its staff and educational facilities!

We congratulate the academic community of the University on a remarkable achievement. It is your scientific achievements and hard work that have shaped the University as a modern educational centre, which is a leader among Ukrainian higher education institutions and well-known abroad.

 Viva professors! Viva University!

Student Research at TNEU is illustrious!

Ternopil National Economic University became the best among higher education institutions of economic profile according to the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the results of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads and the All-Ukrainian Competition of Student Scientific Works in the 2017-2018 academic year.

We sincerely congratulate 23 TNEU students who have won the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad, as well as 50 students - winners of the second round of the All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Contest! We are proud that the youth of our university take an active part in scientific activity, forming a promising generation of future leaders.

We express our gratitude to the mentoring professors for the outstanding preparation of successful students of Ternopil National Economic University!

TNEU among the leaders in the international uniRank rating!

uniRank, an international ranking of universities since 2005, has recently been updated based on webometric data from 5 different web analytics sources. The ranking of world universities is based on an assessment of the popularity of their websites in terms of traffic, trust and quality of link activity.

Ternopil National Economic University holds the 6th place among all Ukrainian higher education institutions. We congratulate the TNEU team with a great achievement. We wish interesting work and new findings!

The rating can be found at: https://www.4icu.org/en/

TNEU has joined the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings

In October our university joined the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, which, since 2010, is an important initiative to implement sustainable development in higher education institutions around the world. Currently, 619 universities from all corners of our planet are registered in the global UI GreenMetric rating, among them seven Ukrainian institutions.

According to the requirements of the Initiative, an environmental passport of the Ternopil National Economic University was created. It shows the attitude of our institution to the environment according to six groups of criteria: creation of a favorable eco-landscape environment, energy saving, savings of water resources, waste management, the use of ZeroEmission vehicles , conducting educational activities and research in the field of sustainable development.

Participating in the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings enables universities to measure their own sustainable development policies, share experiences and learn about best practices in environmental issues with other universities in the network, and build on future collaboration to make our world better.